Information about Nordland County Council

Nordland shall be the best county in which to grow up, work and live.

Nordland County Council has responsibility for all important welfare services available for the Nordlanders: high schools, dental services, cultural experiences, as well as bus and boat transport infrastructure. We work together to develop good and exiting jobs for the inhabitants in Nordland. We work internationally with the development of culture and business, and through Nordland Youth Affairs Office we wish to provide our youth with the best opportunities possible.


The supreme political body is the County Council with its 53 representatives elected by the inhabitants at the County- and Municipal elections every fourth year. The County Council convenes five times per year to decide on issues crucial to both inhabitants and business. The County Council elects an County Government consisting of six representatives. The County Government has the responsibility for the daily governing of the county on behalf of the County Council, and directs the County Administration.


Nordland is one of the country's largest export counties within raw materials and industry. Nordland County Council contribute to the development of local societies and business within the county, and focuses especially on internationalisation. We wish to create a vigorous county with a population influx, growth, employment and welfare. In order to contribute the development of business in the county, we focus especially on strengthening competence, innovation, entrepreneurship and infrastructure.


The County Council is responsible for the public bus- and boat infrastructure in Nordland. This includes school buses and transportation services for people with disabilities, amongst others. Other important tasks on our agenda includes: financing of the county ferry services, as well as construction and maintenance of the county road infrastructure.


The Department of Education has the responsibility for all high schools in Nordland. This includes 16 high schools, about 12 000 pupils, apprentices and intern teachers, three special institutions, workplace training, and about 1500 companies approved for workplace training. The department also includes Nordland Youth Affairs Office, which has the responsibility, amongst others, for the Youth County Council, the Sami information service Infonuorra Sápmi, the counselling service Klara Klok ("Clara the Wise") and the Pupil - and Apprentice Delegate in Nordland.


Culture is essential for ensuring the happiness and development of the population in Nordland. Nordland County Council therefore actively promote culture across different fields. Our goal is that the cultural diversity shall reflect the diversity in society. We operate Nordland College of Art and Film, the only public vocational college which offers two- year courses within art and film. We are responsible for operating the County Library, and focus on imparting culture to children through the project "The Cultural School Bag". Furthermore, we provide support to a number of cultural events or efforts: festivals, art, theatre, music, sports, outdoor activities, local cultural development, building preservation, libraries, archives and museums.


In Nordland County Council we are focused on challenges related to climate changes, and we take collective responsibility for our county.   An important part of our work related to the environment consists of local effort to tackle climate changes. We work out separate plans with aims to achieve sustainable management of resources and the environment. Municipalities, volunteers, associations, NGOs and business may apply for subsidies for environmental efforts from the County Council.


Nordland County Council offer dental services to the population, with 54 dental clinics from Terråk in the south till Andenes in the north. A total of 250 employees with a significant professional competence provide dental services to the Nordlanders.


Nordland County Council works towards the goal that all inhabitants in Nordland shall be able to be physically active based on their own needs and premises. The largest challenge to the upkeep of a good public health in our times is life style. A health- promoting and illness- preventing plan may reduce the risk for diseases like Diabetes type 2, heart diseases and cancer. We run preventive efforts in respect to public health, directed at the entire population, with a special focus on children and youth.

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